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War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies - The Story

Below, you can find the events in the War and Beyond Deadly Strategies Storyline. Events before and during the gameplay are all included, so there will be spoilers ahead.

Map of Mayazori

Year Event
CE29 JAC Nation is founded. A young country compared to others.
CE33 JAC establishes contact with aliens.
CE43 After 10 years JAC nearly perfects high-tech military systems and weaponry, based on alien technology.
CE45 JAC expands territory, conquering the whole continent, except the Cold Desert.
CE46 JAC expansion war begins. Cangea, Giroridan and Phreezia are attacked.
CE48 Cangea, Phreezia and Giroridan falls. JAC forms JAC Raiders, the official conquering army force.
CE49 JAC Raiders start attacking south continent countries.
CE58 JAC occupies the free lands (mountains and forests) then sets up the Southern Colony which comprises the free lands and all the countries that JAC conquered.
CE59 JAC's unsuccessful attempt to conquer Kargahl. Rebellions setup secret base in free lands.
CE62 Seocnd unsuccessful attempt to conquer Kargahl.
CE63 Wizenia falls to JAC
CE64 Noorrand falls to JAC. 3rd invasion of Kargahl begins.
CE67 Kargahl falls to JAC
CE68 Rebels setup secret base in the secret isles. JAC starts attack on Terria. Mayazori starts strengthening defenses.
CE69 Half of Terria is conquered. Rebels are improving tech and researching on alien contact.
CE70 SMC is established by rebels since alien contact is possible. SMC commences trades with aliens and Mayazori.
CE71 Terria falls to JAC.
CE72 Mayazori's defense upgrades complete.
CE73 JAC attacks Mayazori after some infiltration.
CE74 War goes on, Mayazori holding on but losing.
CE76 Mayzor surrenders to prevent more carnage. JAC owns the whole world after just 47 years of establishment.
CE77 Mayzor flees to South East section of Mayazori that is filled with forests. He sets up Mayazorian Force to get back Mayazori from JAC.
CE80 Mayzor dies. Mayazorian companies hold a secret meeting. BNG is formed to combat JAC.
CE81 BNG recruiting men for its army. Liberation plans are put on hold due to insufficient manpower.
CE83 Mayazorian Force launches some minor attacks, with no success. BNG recruits groups of people who were found sneaking equipment and ammo from JAC. BNG also starts recruiting fugitive rebels from the free lands who did not migrate to the SMC secret isles.
CE84 BNG is ready and is spending time improving military war equipment, technology and strategies, gathering resources and waiting for the right time to strike.
CE85 BNG launches an assault from North Eastern forest and conquers North Eastern divisions and airport. But for the whole year, BNG is struggling to defend that newly conquered territory.
CE86 Mayazorian Force is posing a threat to JAC in the south east section. Their attacks are futile, though. But that causes a distraction for JAC. BNG uses the distraction to infiltrate JAC systems to find a weak spot and they finally find it.
CE87 Double pincer assault on the weak spot, near Mayazori Centra. BNG is nearly able to conquer it.
CE88 BNG conquers the weak spot and launches an assault on the governor's headquarters. The governer is defeated and flees back to JAC. BNG liberates the top half of Mayazori.
CE89 BNG struggles to liberate the bottom half of Mayazori where the strongest JAC forces are stationed.
CE90 JAC's outer support is blocked out by Mayazorian Force's Dragon Riders, therefore, BNG is able to liberate the whole of Mayazori and set up the BNG government, renaming Mayazori as UMA, the United Mayazorian Alliance.
CE91 Zal Bentaur sets up a new BNG democratic government and he becomes president after an election. The opposition consists of minor parties and BNG wins 90% of the votes. Zal promises to reinstate the Mayzor as supreme ruler, eliminate poverty and develop a rich nation to defend against JAC by utilizing available resources.
CE92 Zal Bentaur dies. His vice, Reese Gator, takes over as president. His rule contrasts Zal Bentaur's by a whole mile. He gives no damn about the Mayzor, gives no damn about poverty, utilizes UMA's resources for making only BNG rich, builds mega projects that benefit BNG more than UMA citizens, gives the people delusions that BNG is good and condones selfish corrupted BNG ministers.
CE94 General Election year. BNG wins again due to gerrymandering, corruption and electorial fraud. Unrest is building within the country. Mayazorian Force starts its activity once again.
CE97 Another general election. Mayazorian Force holds several large-scale rallies. However, BNG manipulates the law to suppress Mayazorian Force. BNG controls the main media streams but Mayazorian Force grows by obtaining supporters via underground media. In the end, BNG still wins the election.
CF00 From CE98 to CE99, UMA suffered from unrest. Rallies and riots were held all over the nation. CF00 is the year when another general election will be held. Mayazorian Force and the Mayzor decide that elections are of no use. The only way to take back Mayazori is by force but that will cause a war that will cost lives. But after a big poll, 70% majority of Mayazorian Force supporters is willing and ready to sacrifice for a new Mayazori to replace BNG's UMA. Therefore, M Force regathers troops and battalions to launch an attack on the capital of Mayazori East, right on election day. On Election day, Mayazorian Force attacks Thranch successfully and then captured Orda and Ganzai. Elections are cancelled. The Mayazorian War starts. Mayazorian Force conquers Mayazori East as they capture the capital Ganzai. However, they need to defend those cities as they plan ahead to capture Leen and Pixon.
CF01 MF spends all first half of CF01 defending Ganzai, Orda and Thranch. BNG forces are getting stronger. M Force captures Kushana City and the oil platform to cut off BNG resources. Malach, Gennold and Hanger's BNG forces attack Kushana City and force Mayazorian Force to retreat out of Kushana.
CF02 The Western Mayazorian Force division captures the whole of Trozz. With the help of Dragon Riders and research upgrades from SMC, they are able to capture Altus and Shotzer. SMC takes the opportunity to capture oil derricks at Qosra and Iyo. Some BNG subforces jump ships.
CF03 For the whole of CF03, Mayazorian Force focuses on capturing Mayazori Centra. In the end, they succeed and the Mayzor is restored. Mayazori is restored and UMA is history.

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