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Southern Marz Company started out scrapping equipment from JAC but after conducting research on their own, they developed high-tech equipment and machinery. They also opened up intergalactic communication with alien planets, enabling interplanetary trades.

SMC Characters

Spencer Fenton
Spencer Fenton was the president of SMC. His ultimate goal was to survive and make sure the SMC members lived peaceful lives under JAC's radar. He dedicated his life to researching on cloaking and defense systems to realize his goal.
Leon Wolfe
The Western vice president of SMC, second in command to Spencer Fenton. Leon was a communications and relations expert who recruited numerous talented JAC fugitives who helped to build up SMC.
Coral Curtis
Coral Curtis served as the Eastern Vice President of SMC. Coral was in charge of general administration but she stepped in to battle on certain occasions and proved herself worthy as a commander.
Justina Arata
The Captain of Mercury Armada, one of the top 3 SMC Armadas.
Dario Lam
The Captain of Marz Armada, one of the top 3 SMC Armadas.
Alejandro Livingston
The Captain of Jupiter Armada, one of the top 3 SMC Armadas.

SMC History

Southern Marz Company was a trading company that sold machines and equipment. It all started when the JAC alien army swarmed the countries toward the north of the South Continent. After those countries were colonized, some of the people who managed to escape fled south, into the forests. These people tried to go south to Mayazori but they thought that it would be safer to stay in the thick forest where the JAC troops could hardly find them.

Having no other choice but to stay, they built their homes in the forest. Justin case if any JAC troops were to scout the forest for their whereabouts, they built their homes in trees and undergound.

JAC troops often patrolled in the forest since the establishment of the Southern Colony. The refugees in the forest would observe those patrolling troops so that they could avoid being captured. After observing them fr some time, the refugees decided to set up traps to capture them. The traps were built to target the weaknesses of the JAC troops while in the forests. These traps managed to capture a few JAC troops with their equipment. Some refugees who were researchers researched on the salvaged equipment. As for the JAC troops that were captured, they would be questioned not about JAC but about their technology. These captives were not tortured but treated like a regufee. They figured that it would be easier to get information if those troops had good hospitality.

Over time, the population of the refugees in the forest became larger. They had also improved in technology and managed to be more discreet than usual. Because of being located between the Southern Colony and Mayazori, JAC's next target, they decided to navigate east and west using hidden navigational satellites that they developed from their researches on JAC's technology. From their navigation, they found an unknown island in the middle of the East Sea. They then arranged for a chosen number of them to move there to set up their secret base to develop their technology and collect other kinds of technology. To avoid being caught by JAC Raiders moving from the Southern Colony to Mayazori, that group travelled to that island via underwater routes.

The refugees' secret base on the island was so secluded that those living on that island never experienced any encounters with the JAC military. So, without any interference in their plans and research, the refugees managed to work freely and communicate with aliens for technological purposes. In order to get high-tech alien machines, they registered themselves as a trading company in the Universal Trading Network with the name "Southern Marz Company" or SMC. Although they were already recognized universally, they decided to keep a low profile on Earzh to avoid getting caught by JAC, a country that was not part of the Universal Trading Network.

But as a trading company, they still had to trade on Earzh. Since Mayazori was the only country left on South Continent that was not colonized by JAC and was facing the threats of being colonized, it became the only place for them to trade, but only on a low scale. So all SMC could provide were limited and besides that, the Mayzor of Mayazori did not spend much.

After Mayazori was conquered, and JAC's attack subsided, the Southern Marz Company began trading with more companies in Earzh's Trading Network.

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