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House Mayazorian Force of War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies - Flash Strategy Game

Mayazorian Force

Mayazorian Force lacked advancements in technology. However, they had the most disciplined soldiers that consisted of Ninja, Samurai and Gunner clans. Their foot solider battle tactics could easily match with the power of advanced technologies of other houses.

Mayazorian Force Characters

The Mayzor
The Mayzor of Mayazori was equivalent to the King. He ruled with a good heart and was attached to his people. He loved peace and was deeply troubled during the JAC invasion.
Young Mayzor
The Young Mayzor, son of the Mayzor, took over as leader of the Mayazorian Force. He continued his father's legacy as Mayzor after defeating the corrupted BNG.
Viceroy Rokunaka
Viceroy Rokunaka served both Mayzors as supreme advisor. He also ruled over certain Mayazori divisions. He was a wise ruler but was also a respected commander.
The Great Kage
Leader of the Mayazorian Ninja clans.
Samurai Captain
Recruited by the Young Mayzor, the Samurai Captain had ultimate power over the Samurai in Mayazori. A commander that specialized in close-combat troops.
Dragon Trainer
During the internal Mayazorian Wars, the Mayzor sought help from the Dragon Riders. The Dragon Trainer, head of all Dragon Riders, agreed and joined forces with the Mayzor, providing awesome air support.

Mayazorian Force History

Mayazori was one of the nations that JAC conquered. Mayazori was not so rich with technology, what more to say alien technology. The country was located along a long stretch of the coast of the South Continent. Due to the terrain of their location, Mayazori developed into a trading and commercial country. The ruler of Mayazori, the Mayzor, did encourage technology, but just for navigation, trade and commercial purposes. Mayazori had always been a peaceful country and the Mayzor never tightened the Mayazorian defenses.

But the Mayzor was never aware of the power of JAC. Shortly after JAC conquered the North continent, JAC started to spread its territory across the South Continent. Most of the land was covered with thick forests. All the countries located towards the Northern part of the South Continent were small and less advanced. They were not able to withstand the swarming JAC Raiders and were easily conquered. Clivilians who merely escaped were forced to live under the rule of JAC.

To ease and strengthen their rule, JAC decided to link those small countries together under one government called the Southern Colony. Unlike previous colonizations, the Southern Colony faced problems controlling this territory. Most of the districts and subdivisions of that territory were separated by thick forests where even high-tech communication devices could hardly work. Besides, the citizens were aggressively resistant. Because of that, it took a long time for the Southern Colony to stabilize its government. As a result, labor workers like farmers, miners, lumberjacks and citizens alike decided to migrate south, to Mayazori. Knowing that the Southern Colony was rather a failure and Mayazori had quite a great influence on the South Continent, JAC decided to conquer it.

Due to the increase of population because of the war issues, the Mayzor realized that the Mayazorian military should be ready at all costs to face sudden invasion. To do that, the Mayzor ordered the Mayazorian defense general to bring in more ereliabquipment to tighten Mayazori's defences. The Mayzor wanted reliable equipment and at that time, a new company selling machinery, called the Southern Marz Company, emerged from among the World's Trading Network of companies. Unfortunately, the Mayzor faced complications. He knew that spending on war and military would bring a great downturn in Mayazori's economy and not spending on it would put Mayazori defenseless against JAC's army.

After choosing to save Mayazori, new machines were brought into the country but only with low budget. Besides, the Southern Marz Company wanted to remain discreet from JAC and could not expose much of its machinery.

The Mayazorian defense general, under the approval of the Mayzor, took in more citizens into the Mayazorian infantry. Soon after locating Mayazori Centra, the JAC Raiders engaged. Although Mayazori had better defenses, it was still no match for JAC's alien army technology. The Mayzor eventually surrendered to JAC to prevent more carnage on Mayazori. All Mayazorian Troops were captured and their weapons salvaged. Mayazori was conquered.

In an attempt to reclaim Mayazori from JAC, the Mayzor formed the Mayazorian Force which consisted of Ninja, Gunner and Samurai clans. Together, with what is left of their technology, they joined forces with BNG to battle against JAC to take back Mayazori...

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