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House JAC Raiders of War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies - Flash Strategy Game


The Jolteon Alien Coup JAC became a developed nation after only several years of establishment. After harnessing the power of alien technology and forming their official army, the JAC Raiders, JAC set her sights on the whole world...

JAC Characters

Bill Kellos
As the 1st Commander of JAC, Bill Kellos was well-versed in the art of war, specializing in deception and manipulation. He was able to outsmart his opponents super easily.
Art Calderon
Art Calderon, the 2nd Commander of JAC, was well-known as a commander of brute force. He was known to send waves and waves of JAC Troopers, razing enemy buildings at lightning speed.
The Lord
The supreme leader of JAC was known as just "The Lord". Very little was known about him. His face had tentacles sticking out and a half-mask covering the left side. No one knew whether that was his real face or just a mask. Legend had it that he is past 200 years old and is now still alive.

JAC History

The Jolteon Alien Coups was a powerful military nation that conquered other nations and countries around the world to expand her territory. Hoping to conquer every single corner of the world, the JAC nation were more focused on their military forces and weaponry.

At that time, high tech alien technology were great influences and were considered to be the most powerful technology in the world. As a result of JAC's perseverance and goal, they decided to use salvaged alien technology for their military force.

Since then, JAC became an invincible force that raided countries and continents and in the end, they had almost every single lump of dirt in their hands.

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