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Flash Strategy Game - War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies

War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies
In an attempt to make the most complete and the best strategy flash game on the Internet, War and Beyond is born!

War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies - Sky Battle MachineMost flash strategy games are defense games, requiring the player to build towers to shoot down hordes of units coming at your base. Sometimes the enemies follow a path and you have to line up towers along the path. Sometimes flash defense games let you build and control the towers, making them shoot 'em up games as well.

But War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies combines the defense game system with offense. In War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies, you can not only build your base and build defense towers but also train units to attack the enemy base. On top of that, you can determine the AI of your units to command them whether or not to attack or defend.

Gameplay is not like the conventional real-time strategy computer games like Command and Conquer or Warcraft. You do not have to select and group your units. In Deadly Strategies, all you have to do is to adjust some AI settings (aka giving orders) and all your units will act automatically accordingly. What orders you give to which unit types, and at what time, will determine victory in battle.

War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies, unlike most Internet Flash Strategy Games or Defense Games, are complete. This means, it is not merely a game where you click Play and start building defense towers for a number of levels. Instead, Deadly Strategies has 4 houses to choose from, with different units, towers, buildings and technology. The game will also let you play 4 different modes, namely Story mode, Conqueror Mode, AI Battle and Skirmish.

War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies has tutorial movies to help new players. Guides and strategies can also be found here, on this website. On top of that, there are tons of other strategies and possibilities that can be implemented to play the game. Therefore, the difficulty level of Deadly Strategies would range from medium to hard, but it can get easy if you are an expert Real-time Strategist or if you are just good at Strategy Games...

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