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The War and Beyond AI Code or WBAIC is a code that represents a commander and will define the artificial intelligence and behaviors of a commander. It will tell the game how that commander will run the army, like when and how he will attack, how many troops he will release, what buildings he will build... etc. Configuring a WBAIC code is NOT a simple task, but once you get the code done, you can use AI Battle to use the code to battle against other players' WBAIC's.

You can test your WBAIC by battling against it at the Skirmish mode, or pasting the code in both left and right armies at the AI Battle mode, or pitting it against someone else's WBAIC at the AI Battle mode.

The following will aid you in understanding how to setup a WBAIC.

House selection. The first step is to select a house. Note that every house has different units and different units have different abilities, like different speed, strength, firepower, medium and delay time. To create a truly powerful WBAIC, you need to be creative and assign the best tasks to the units to maximize the strategy of your creation.

The second step is to configure the Unit AI Setting. Unit AI Setting is simply "Troop Orders".

You can configure:
- one default AI setting
- 3 custom presets

The default AI setting
AI Settings config. The default AI setting is the setting when all unit types have their own different AI behavior. This is the fun part. You get to adjust all the priority bars for each unit type. So let's say you are creating a BNG WBAIC and want to favor rocketmen for the default AI. So, you can set all your rocketmen to attack, and for other units, you set them to defend or go neutral.

3 custom presets
For the 3 custom presets, all unit types will receive ONE command only. So you can do something like:
- Custom Preset 1 : all troops attack (example)
- Custom Preset 2 : all troops return to base (example)
- Custom Preset 3 : all troops maintain an attack-defense balance (example)

Step 3. AI Settings Usage. You have configured the AI settings (Troop Orders). Now you determine WHEN your AI commander will issue WHICH order. There are several evaluation methods to consider here. As I said, creating a WBAIC is not a 1-2-3 task. But once you understand, it is not rocket science either.

Each evaluation method is a way to determine when the commander will use which AI Setting (From Step 2). Let's check out the evaluations:

Units Evaluation:
This eval will check the troops vs enemy troops. Choose an AI Setting that you would like the commander to use for each situation. Example: when the commander finds that the enemy troops are more than his own troops by 50%, he will use the Preset 3 AI Setting, which is, let's say, to defend (configured in Step 2).

Buildings Evaluation
This eval will check the HP of all buildings to decide which AI Setting to use.

Enemy Buildings Evaluation
This eval will check the HP of all enemy buildings to decide which AI Setting to use.

HQ Evaluation
This eval will check the HP of your HQ to decide which AI Setting to use.

Enemy HQ Evaluation
This eval will check the HP of the enemy HQ to decide which AI Setting to use.

Defense Towers Evaluation
This eval will check the amount of defense towers you have, to decide which AI Setting to use.

Enemy Defense Towers Evaluation
This eval will check the amount of defense towers of the enemy, to decide which AI Setting to use.

This may seem like a tedious task, but some parts maybe skipped depending on your strategy! This brings us to...

Step 4. Eval Favoring. You can determine what type of evaluation (from step 3) the commander often uses and what type that he will ignore. At the "evaluation level of importance" screen, you can set some more bars. The bars will determine how important the commander will weight that evaluation method.

For example, if you are creating a commander that thinks it is not necessary to check the HP of the HQ, click the HQ HP bar down to minimal and he will not bother to check the HQ HP to decide on an AI Setting. Thus, back in Step 3, you would be able to skip the HQ Evaluation section because your commander will never use it. And if you set the Units Quantity bar to full, the commander will always check the amount of his troops and enemy troops (Units Evaluation) and then decide whether to use his default AI, presets or the custom presets...

The next parts of the WBAIC creation are all easy parts that are explained within the game. After you are done, you will be presented with the WBAIC (code). You can save it within the game, although not recommended. You see, if you play the game again using a different computer, you will not get the saved code. So, you can copy the code and save it in a text file (.txt) and bring it with you... Or you can save it in your email account as draft or something. Or post it online in the War and Beyond forum. Next time you want to edit the code, go to Edit WBAIC, paste the code there and click Next.

What to do with a WBAIC: You can:
- Check to see how strong it is by battling it in Skirmish mode.
- Battle other players' WBAIC's in AI Battle mode.
- Join or setup tournaments/competitions. That is if you have a handful of WBAIC's by other people. You can AI Battle determine the best code there.

Are you brains enough to create your own WBAIC? Well, I am sure you are. Happy creating!

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