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The Units - War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies Game Official Guide

The video tutorials can be found inside the game. Play War and Beyond Deadly Strategies here.

Units let you defend and attack. Without them, you have no game. To train/build units, you need to have offense buildings first. Let's say you have an army camp. Click on it and you will see unit icons. Click on the icon of the unit you want to train. If you have enough cash, the army camp will start training the unit. If some icons are not available, it means that your tech level maybe too low or you need to conduct some research first before you can train that unit. If you have built a research building, you can click on it to check the research options to see what units that research can give you.

Once you have units that can attack, you can command them by using the AI control panel. Click on AI and click on the unit type. Notice that there will be colored bars that represent actions. Click on the bars to set the AI priorities. The longer the bar, the more important the action. For example, if you set a long attack bar and a short defend hq bar and all the other bars blank, the unit will favor attacking enemy units and return to HQ once in a while, and ignore all other actions.

While setting AI from the game panel maybe easier for controlling all units at once, it is faster and more convenient to set unit AI by clicking on the unit itself and then clicking on one of the preset priorities that will appear on the game panel. Or you can even press A to jump to that unit type's AI screen where you can set the bars again.

Setting unit AI is tricky and requires lots of strategy to make sure you make full use of the units and their abilities. Some units are too fast and some are too small. Some have devastating firepower that can cause friendly units to perish and some units have only melee weapons.

By holding down the Control Key in the game, you will be able to see all the HP bars of all units and buildings.

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