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The Buildings - War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies Game Official Guide

The video tutorials can be found inside the game. Play War and Beyond Deadly Strategies here.

There are 3 kinds of buildings:
1. Support buildings [money buildings and research center]
2. Defense buildings [towers and turrets]
3. Offense buildings [lets you build/train units]

To build, click on the building icon on the game panel with that building. For example, to build a defense tower, click Defense on the panel to display all defense towers' icons, and then click the tower you want to build. And then point the cursor to where you want to build it. The cursor will turn blue on a spot where you want to build the building. And you must build it near other buildings to get a power source.

Note: Defense towers do not provide a power source and therefore, you need to build near non-defense buildings.

You cannot build buildings that are near the top of the screen or on top of another building. If there is no space to build because defense towers are hogging the way, you need to destroy the tower to make way for the new building. For that reason, it is not advisable to erect defense towers anywhere and you need to properly space out your building locations.

Money-generating buildings are important as they will give you money from time to time. Without them, your funds will run out. The more of these buildings that you have, the faster your base can grow.

When you have a lot of cash, you can have lots of offense buildings. As a result, you can train units quickly.

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