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The Basics - War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies Game Official Guide

The video tutorials can be found inside the game. It will explain the game interface. Play War and Beyond Deadly Strategies here.

The objectives of the game are:
1. To build your base
2. To defend your base using units and defense towers
3. To destroy enemy HQ/buildings using your units

Tech Level - will decide what units and buildings you can build. The maximum tech level is 5. On Level 5 Tech, you can eventually build everything the game has got to offer.

Game Control Panel - It has 4 panels, namely the AI, Support, Defense and Offense. These will be explained in detail in other guide pages, but in short, you play the game using these 4 panels.

Pause Menu - Lets you pause the game. You can toggle music, Quit game and access tutorials from here.

Surrender/Demand Victory - When you are in a losing situation, you can just surrender. But if you are winning and would like the opponent to surrender, you can click Demand Victory. But note that the computer player may not surrender.

Scrolling the screen - move your mouse cursor to the sides of the screen. This maybe slow at times so you can also use the Left and Right Arrow Keys or the "X" and "C" keys. I recommend using X and C.

Hotkeys - If you find that a letter on the game control panel is written in yellow, it means that that letter key is a hotkey. For example, pressing S will make the panel jump to the support buildings panel. Using hotkeys will also let you access units AI quickly when you are commanding units. More on this in the units guide section.

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