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War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies - Credits

Hi, I am Josh Tam, creator of War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies. This flash strategy game started out as a one-man effort but it expanded and I could not handle it alone... not anymore.

So, here are the great people involved in the making of the ultimate flash strategy game - War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies.

Josh Tam, Tamugaia.com
Owner of Tamugaia.com and creator of various web flash games.
- Created the game
- gameplay/gamemodes/interface/unit design
- opening movie storyboard
- music
- programming
- 2D art
- 3D modelling and animation
- testing
- everything else not mentioned on this page

Jess the Dragoon Shoukei, Aarqee.com
The sister of Josh Tam, creator of Super Hero Clock and a veteran flash animator.
- War and Beyond Universe creator
- Storyline concept
- Opening Movie Storyboard
- Opeing Movie 2D Animation
- Testing

Eric C, Game2p.com
Rising webmaster and 3D modeller
- Unit design
- 3D modelling
- Testing

Kheni and Kimmo, Kimken
Kimken. A team of two brothers, two great musicians. They provided great tracks for the War and Beyond Deadly Strategies Gameplay music.

Joshua Tomar
An awesome voice actor who did the narrations for the 3 tutorial movies. He added volume and depth to the tutorials, increasing the quality of experience. Joshua Tomar's Site : Tomamoto.com

Several months of hardwork paid off when the game acquired a sponsorship deal. And the sponsor:

Armor Games

The songs used in War and Beyond Deadly Strategies are as follows:

[Battle After Battle]Tamugaia Orchestra
Battle Theme

[BNG Champions] Tamugaia Orchestra
Battle Theme

[BNG Loop] Tamugaia Orchestra
BNG Battle Theme

[Edge of Tranquility] Tamugaia Orchestra
Tutorial Music

[Face the Lord of JAC] Tamugaia Orchestra
JAC Briefing Theme

[Frontlines] Tamugaia Orchestra
Battle Theme

[Great Escape] Tamugaia Orchestra
Battle Theme

[Rise of the Clans] Kheni (Kimken)
Mayazorian Force Battle Theme

[Hundredth Victory] Kheni (Kimken)
SMC Battle Theme

[Experiment 4] Kimmo (Kimken)
Battle Theme

[Experiment 5] Kimmo (Kimken)
Battle Theme

[Fallen] Kimmo (Kimken)
Defeated Theme

[Mayazorian Force Briefing] Tamugaia Orchestra

[SMC Briefing] Tamugaia Orchestra

[The Mayazorian Story] Tamugaia Orchestra
Storymode Theme

[Unaffected] Tamugaia Orchestra
Conqueror Mode Victory Theme

[Valcon Falcon] Tamugaia Orchestra
Battle Theme

[What is Beyond] Tamugaia Orchestra
BNG Briefing and Mayazorian Wars Victory Theme

[Marching Ahead] Tamugaia Orchestra
Opening, Credits and Menu Music

A special thanks to the team of testers who tested out the various game modes of War and Beyond Deadly Strategies:
- Ivan "Cool" Moa (Lead Tester)
- Eric C (Game2P)
- Josh Tam (Myself)
- Jess the Dragoon Shoukei (Aarqee)
- Kheni
- Daniel McNeely (Armor Games)
- James Chatpion

And a big thank you goes out to YOU for playing Deadly Strategies!!

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