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House BNG of War and Beyond : Deadly Strategies - Flash Strategy Game


BNG stands for Baron Nationals Government. House BNG uses conventional war equipment. However, BNG's firepower can never be underestimated. Although on Earzh, bullets and machine guns are a thing of the past, BNG has perfected their usage and has become a formidable force.

BNG Characters

Zal Bentaur
The president of the largest commercial company in Mayazori. When BNG was setup to battle against the JAC Raiders, Zal Bentaur became the BNG president. BNG died after their success and was succeeded by Reese Gator.
Reese Gator
The vice president of BNG. Reese was a man with a vision and played a big role in BNG's victory over the JAC Raiders. However, after he succeeded Zal Bentaur as BNG president, things changed...
Andy Manzora
As the top colonel of BNG, Andy Manzora was a great leader and led many troops into victory. Andy was a man of courage and would go to great lengths to fend of the JAC forces.
Sara Y
Lieutenant Sara Y excelled in defense. She was often assigned battalions at defensive positions and she was able to defend the base against a horde of enemies almost 3 times as big as her own army.
Ray Walton
Corporal Ray Walton handled the lower ranks of BNG but his balanced commanding style had a big impact during the Mayazorian Wars. Ray Walton was considered as quite a threat by BNG's enemies.

BNG History

After Mayazori was conquered, Mayazori's economy hit a downturn. The levels of supply and demand were fluctuating. A lot of things were boycot by the JAC colony. Trading had become difficult. The trading companies trading in Mayazori, foreign as well as local, were asked to work with JAC as weapon distributors or infantry transporters. Some companies that knew business had slacked a lot and still wanted to keep going gave in to work with JAC or decided to find another place of operation. Some huge companies did not like the idea of working for JAC because the industries JAC were involved in were not profitable for them. But their choices were limited because companies that refused to agree with JAC's terms for business had to close down or be sent to other JAC colonies to continue doing buisiness.

Therefore, the companies' owners decided to fight for their rights. Those companies secretly held a meeting at a secret rendesvous to set up an organization against JAC. The meeting was led by Zal Bentaur, the owner of the biggest company in Mayazori. He became president of the new resistance organization called Baron Nationals Government BNG.

Zal's first plan was to create BNG's own attack force to go against JAC which was military oriented. So as a strategy, Zal assigned some of the companies that joined BNG to work as distributors for JAC so that they were able to sneak out some military equipment for themselves. To avoid getting attention from JAC, they just sneaked out the old stock that consisted of lower tech military equipment and machines. After collecting enough equipment, BNG moved on to gathering troops. First BNG decided to use their companies' employees as infantry. Only half of them decided to join BNG's infantry and that amount was obviously insufficient to beat JAC's military force and Zal Benatur had to sustain the mission for the time being. Besides, he did not want BNG to be noticed by JAC.

But Zal was still persistant. He sent out spies to different parts of Mayazori to learn the current situation under the rule of JAC. From that, JAC knew that some people besides them were also sneaking JAC's machines and decided to have BNG help them. He soon discovered that those people were living in the forest far north of Mayazori and were the ones who became refugees when JAC took over their nation to set up the South Colony. He saw this as an opportunity to gather troops for BNG's army against JAC and sent the BNG vice president Reese Gator to create ties with them and get them into BNG.

Reese Gator found out that the refugees that lived there earlier had setup a trading company called Southern Marz Company and had migrated elsewhere. Over time, more refugees followed them and the population in the forest decreased. These refugees took their technology and research with them. The rest who stayed put had to work hard, starting from scratch. After telling them about BNG, Reese told them further about Zal's plan to defeat JAC and live better lives in Mayazori, successfully signing them to BNG.

After hearing about the great news, Zal asked Reese to not to rally the troops to Mayazori to avoid being noticed by JAC, and instead, set up an army camp in the forest. For a few months, BNG was able to remain discreet. Throughout these few months, BNG developed a strong army of its own under the command of leaders who were once very intelligent businessmen and leaders who had experience in tactical warfare.

JAC, on the other hand, strengthened their law enforcement to maintain their rule since they were hardly any other regions to conquer. They had to strive to maintain their dominance since more and more resistance organizations had been formed to rebel against them. And then there was the SMC that had become a well-known trading company that sold various types of machines and equipment. Some were so rare they could not be found anywhere on Earzh.

Things were growing tense between JAC and BNG and it was only a matter of time until BNG launched their first offensive strike...

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